The CRUMP Family

Alt. Spelling: CRAMM
North Carolina, Oregon

    I am slowly beginning to put together a picture of the CRUMP family, and their roots in North Carolina. As for the parents of John, the first generation listed below, I have been told by other researchers that he might be a son of a Henry Crump, who was in turn son of the Hessian soldier, Conrad CRAMM. This Conrad came to the colonies during the Revolution to fight with the British. It is said that he deserted, however, and instead fought on the side of the Colonists, later settling in North Carolina. As yet, I have been unable to find proof of this connection, however, so until I do, I will refrain from stating it as so.

First Generation

1.John CRUMP.(1,2,3,4) Born in North Carolina.(3,4) John married Jane L. [SQUIRES?],(1,2,3,4) who was born abt 1826 in North Carolina.(3,4) In 1850, the family resided in the Sandis District of Mecklenburg Co., N.C., where John worked as a Laborer.(3) In 1860, they were living in the Eastine(?) Precinct of Mecklenburg Co., at which time it is noted that neither John nor Jane L. could read or write.(4) It would seem that John had died by the Sep 1870 census, as Jane is listed as head of her household in Providence Township, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. at that time. Her occupation is listed as farmer, and her personal estate valued at $25.(28)

They had the following children: (may have been others)
    i. Mary R. Born abt 1844 in North Carolina. Died aft 1860.(3,4)
    ii. Ann. Born abt 1846 in North Carolina. Died aft 1860.(3,4)
2   iii. Hugh M. (~1849->1870).
    iv. James/Sinley(?). Born abt 1851 in North Carolina. Lived with his mother in 1870, when he worked as a farmhand. Died aft Sep 1870.(3,4,28)
    v. Nancy J. Born abt 1856 in North Carolina. Died aft Jun 1880, when she was living with her brother, Hugh, at the census.(4,5,28)
    vi. Margaret. Born abt 1860 in North Carolina. Died aft Sep 1870.(28)
    vii. Caldwell. Born abt 1865 in North Carolina. Died aft Sep 1870.(28)

Misc. Notes for Generation 1:
    Also living in Sandis Twp., N.C. in 1850, not far from John and Jane, is the family of a Thomas and Jane Squires, along with many children. Perhaps related?(3)

    Living near the family in 1860(4) were many Helms, Crumps and Squires. And living near their son, Hugh, in 1870 are more Squires.(5)

Second Generation

2. Hugh M. CRUMP (John1)(1,2,3,4,5,6,29,30,31) Born July 1849 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C.(3,4,5,6,7,8,29,30,31) On 12 Jan 1869 Hugh M. married Eunice/Vicey HELMS(1,2,5,6,29,30,31,33), daughter of Uriah HELMS & Eunice (__), in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. at the house of her brother Hosea Helms by W. Houston, J.P.(2) Eunice was born June 1853 in Mecklenburg Co., N.C.(5,6,7,8,29,30,31,33) In Sep 1870, Hugh M. and Eunice, along with their family, resided in Sandy Ridge Twp., Union Co., N.C., where Hugh worked as a Farmer.(5) In 1880, they were living in Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., where Hugh worked on a farm.(29) By June 1900, they had moved to Clear Creek Twp., Mecklenburg Twp., North Carolina, where Hugh was working as a farm laborer. At this time, Eunice is listed as having been the mother of 12 children, six of whom were still living.(30) By May 1910, they were renting a house in Hunter Twp., Laurens Co., South Carolina, where Hugh was working as a sweeper in a cotton mill. Only four of their children were still living at this time.(31)

The following children are known [six others unknown]:
    i. Frances J. Born Apr 1870 in North Carolina. Died aft Jun 1880.(5,29)
    ii. Laura C. Born abt 1872 in North Carolina. Died aft Jun 1880. The 1880 census notes she was "idiotic."(29)
    iii. Martha. Born abt 1875 in North Carolina. Died aft Jun 1880.(29)
    iv. John N. Born Sep 1878 in North Carolina. Died aft Jun 1900, when he worked as a farm laborer.(29,30)
    3   v. Rufus Jerome. (1880-1936).
    vi. Joe S. Born July 1880 in North Carolina. Died aft Jun 1900, when he was working as a farm laborer.(30) It is likely he is the Joe Seaborne Crump, born 1880, died 1962, who is buried in the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Mint Hill, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. If so, then perhaps the Mollie Broome Crump, b 1878, died 1966, buried next to him was his wife.(32)
    vii. William. Born abt 1899 in North Carolina. He was adopted from parents who were both born in North Carolina.(31)

Misc. Notes for Generation 2:
    It is likely that Hugh & Eunice were married in Clear Creek, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, as that was where her brother, Hosea, lived the year after they were married.(34)
Third Generation

3. Rufus Jerome CRUMP. (Hugh M.2,John1) (1,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,26,29,30,31) Born on 20 Jun 1880 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.(1,6,7,8,9,11,13,29,30,31) In June 1900, Rufus was living in the home of his parents in Clear Creek Twp., and working as a farm laborer.(30) Abt 1902 Rufus Jerome married Emma Mae GOLDMAN,(1,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,26,31) who was born abt 1883 in Greenwood, S.C.(7,8,9,11,13,31) By May 1910, the couple had 5 children born to them, though only three were still living, and resided in the home of his parents in Hunter Twp., Laurens Co., South Carolina. They both worked in a cotton mill, he as a Twister and she as a Peeler.(31) By Jan 1920, the family had moved to Monroe, Union Co., N.C., where Rufus Jerome worked as a Carder in a cotton mill.(7) In Apr 1930, they were living in Goose Creek, Union Co., N.C., where Rufus was working as a farmer.(8) Rufus could neither read nor write, though Emma could.(7,8,31) Rufus Jerome died at his home in Goose Creek on 17 Apr 1936, and was buried on 18 Apr 1936 in Mt. Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery, Mint Hill, N.C.(6) Emma Mae died abt 1960.(9)

They had the following children: [two unknown who died before 1910 are not listed]
    i. Eva. Born abt 1907 in North or South Carolina. Died aft 1920.(7,31)
    ii. Irene/Amey. Born abt 1908 in North or South Carolina. Died aft 1920.(7)
    iii. Dorcas/Annie. Born abt Mar 1910 in North or South Carolina. Died aft 1920.(7)
    iv. Lidy. Born abt 1914 in North Carolina. Died aft 1930.(7,8,9)
    v. Helen. Born on 5 July 1915 in North or South Carolina. Died on 23 Apr 2002 in Kannapolis, Cabarrus Co., N.C., and was buried there on 26 Apr. Helen married -- BLACKMON and had at least one child.(7,8,12,14,15,26)
4   vi. Rufus Attaway. (1920-1981).
    vii. Delia. Born abt 1922 in South Carolina. Died aft 1930.(8) It is possible she is the Delia Pearl Crump Polson, born 5 Apr 1922, died 26 Apr 1989, who is buried in the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Mint Hill, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. If so, then her husband is likely to be the Clifford O. Polson, Sr., born 23 May 1921, died 21 Feb 1967, buried beside her.(32)
    viii. Forrest Nore. Born on 9 Feb 1924 in Red River, York Co., South Carolina. Died in Charlotte, N.C. on 26 Dec 2000 and was buried there in Sharon Memorial Park on 29 Dec. Forrest worked as a Sanitation Engineer for the Municipal Government. His wife died before him, and he had at least one child and three step-children.(8,12,27)

Misc. Notes for Generation 3:
    The 1920 Census states both of Emma Mae's parents were born in North Carolina, but 1910 & 1930 censuses state South Carolina. (7,8)
Fourth Generation
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4. Rufus Attaway CRUMP, "Rufus Adam". (Rufus Jerome3,Hugh M.2,John1) (6,7,8,9,10,11,13,15,16,17,18) Born on 12 Jan 1920 in Monroe, Union Co., N.C.(7,8,9,10,11,16,17) Resided at his family's home in Mathews, N.C., on 17 Apr 1936 at the time of his father's death.(6) Rufus A. left school after the sixth grade. He enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939, at which time he began using the name Rufus Adam (as he did throughout his life), and served in North Carolina as a cook. After his first six month's service, Rufus left and worked as a newspaper salesman until re-enrolling for further service in his home state. During his service he was several times disciplined for being AWOL. In his third term, he was sent to a camp in Oregon, where he continued this behavior. The final absence, lasting about a week, coincided with his discharge in 1941, though no punishment was brought. His reason for leaving was that he had accepted other work in the logging industry.(19)
   Rufus A.'s daughter, Lottie Mae, recalls being told that it was at this time he met her mother, Mary Ruth VINCENT,(9,10,13,15,16,20,21,22) daughter of Charles M. VINCENT, also engaged in the logging industry in Oregon, & Paz Silvas.
    Rufus A. and Mary Ruth, who was born on 4 July 1921, prob. in Coquille, Coos Co., Oregon,(13,16,20,21,22) were married on 10 May 1941 in Coquille,(10,13,16) where they were both living. At this time, Rufus was employed as a mill worker at A.C. Maddock in Myrtle Point, Oregon.(10) In 1942, the couple were in Monroe, N.C., where Mary Ruth submitted her Social Security name change application,(20) but had settled back in Coquille before the birth of their son, Rufus Frank, in 1945.(23) The family must have done pretty well in the logging business, as evidenced by the recollection of Lottie Mae that their family was the first in the area to own a television set, and the large number of properties they came to own along the Oregon coast. At one point, Rufus A. also drove a school bus.
    Eventually, Rufus A. became a Pentecostal preacher,and from his home in Coquille, he ran the Victory Tabernacle church, affiliated with the Pentecostal Church of God. One of the first memories of D.R. EVARTS, son of Lottie Mae and grandchild of Rufus A. and Mary Ruth, is that of playing in some berry bushes outside of a house in Coquille. Another was hearing his mother's side of the phone call informing her of her father's death.
    Rufus A. died in Salem, Marion Co., Oregon on 9 Mar 1981. While changing a tire on his truck on the side of the Interstate, he was struck by a drunk driver and died from the injuries he received. He was buried on 13 Mar in Fox Bridge Cemetery, Lee Valley, Coos Co., Oregon.
    After her husband's death, Mary Ruth moved to one of their homes in Florence, Lane Co., Oregon, where she spent the remainder of her life with her chihuahua, crocheting and grandfather clocks. She died on 14 May 1994 in Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon, and was buried alongside her husband in Fox Bridge Cemetery on 18 May.

They had the following children:
    i. Florence. [Living]. Married Frank LEWIS.(15)
    ii. Rufus Frank "Junior". Born on 7 Oct 1945 in Coquille, Oregon. Resided in Florence, Oregon, on 21 May 1960. Served in the U.S. Army (Infantry) in Vietnam. Married Ellen L. (__) on 11 Jul 1968 and had two sons. They Divorced in Coryell Co., Texas, on 4 Jun 1973. Resided in Florence, Oregon, in Sep 1998. Rufus Frank died in Eugene, Oregon, on 15 Sep 1998 due to injuries received in a motorcycle accident. Rufus Frank called himself "Rufus Frank Crump V." Had one other son.(15,23,24,25)
5   iii. Lottie Mae "Lidy Mae". [Living]. Married David Ward Evarts.
    iv. Rebecca Lee "Becky". [Living].(15)
    v. Kimberly Sue "Kim". [Living].(15)

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Mary Ruth Crump Rufus Frank Crump
Misc. Notes for Generation 4:
    Rufus A. Crump had a penchant for changing names, his own as well as others'. Though he was born Rufus Attaway Crump, by the time of his enrollment in the CCC, he was going by the name Rufus Adam or Adams, and did so the remainder of his life. His father, who was born Rufus Jerome Crump, he called "Ruff. Auther" on various documents. As informant for the death certificate of his father-in-law, a person who all other sources call Charles M. or Charles Mortamore Vincent, he gives the name as Charles Burdick Vincent. His daughter, who was supposedly named after her aunt, Lidy Crump, was given the name Lottie Mae, at birth (but has always gone by Lidy Mae). Perhaps Rufus A.'s limited education left him unable to spell, or perhaps he had a poor memory. Merely an interesting note, and one that bears on research.

    Mary Ruth (Vincent) Crump always maintained that she was of Cherokee origin. She applied for membership in the Etowah Cherokee Nation, and her Roll Registration is #28318. Further research shows that this "nation" is not a recognized one, and appears to be a scam, so any validity is severely suspect. Extensive research into possible Native origins have proved unfruitful, and no evidence has been found. Re: her place of birth, her family and documents state she was born in Coquille, prob. in Belle Knife Hospital. But a request for her birth record in Oregon was unfruitful. Supposedly, this hospital eventually burnt down, and all records were destroyed. This could be the case. Or it is also a possibility that she was born in Arizona, where other siblings were born before and after her.(15)

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