The HELMS Family

North Carolina

    It was only recently that I pieced together what I believe to be the parents of Eunice Helms, and this is based on coincidences of the location of her marriage (at the home of a "Hosiah Helms"), and census listings. There is information on the web that states Uriah, the first generation listed below, was the son of a Tillman Helms. But, until I find more conclusive evidence of this, I will not present it here.

First Generation

1. Uriah HELMS,(1,2,3,4,5) a farmer,(1,2,3,4) was born abt 1821 in North Carolina,(1,2,3,4) to parents also born in North Carolina.(4) By 1842, when a child was born, he married Eunice(__).(1,2,3,4) She was born abt 1821 in North Carolina, (1,2,3,4) to parents also born there.(4) They lived in Union Co., North Carolina,(1,2) where in 1860, Uriah's Real Estate was valued at $600, and his personal estate at $300.(2) In 1870, they were living in Sandy Ridge Twp., Union Co., North Carolina, where their personal estate was valued at $200.(3) It is also noted at this point that Eunice could neither read nor write. The family was still in Sandy Ridge in 1880.(4)

Uriah and Eunice had the following children: [see notes below for possible confusion of names and number of children]
    i. Alex. Born abt 1842 in North Carolina. Died after 1860, when he was working as a farmer.(1,2)
    ii. Jonathan. Born abt 1843 or 1847 in North Carolina. Died after 1860.(1,2)
    iii. Kenneth "Kenny". Born abt 1844 or 1848 in North Carolina. Died after 1860.(1,2)
    iv. Hosea. Born abt 1845 in North Carolina, died aft 1880. Married Nancy J. (__) by 1870. She was born abt 1851 in North Carolina, died aft 1880. They lived in Clear Creek Twp., Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina in 1870, and in Monroe, Union Co. in 1880. Hosea and Eunice had at least five children: Andrew J. "Jack", Cora L., Sarah A., Martha and Mary L.(1,2,5,6,7)
    v. Burrel. Born abt 1848 in North Carolina. Died after 1850.(1)
    vi. James T. Born abt 1843 or 1847 in North Carolina. Died after 1860.(1,2) It is likely that he is the person who married a T. CRUMP in Mecklenburg Co. Source reads, "“632. Lic: 29 Dec 1869, J. T. HELMS, son of E. R. & U. Helms to T. CRUMP, daug. of __^ Ouney Crump, m. 29 Dec 1869 at Hosea Helms by W.T. Houston, JP.”(5)
    vii. Jane. Born abt 1852 in North Carolina. Died after 1870.(3)
2   viii. Eunice/Vicey. (Jun 1853, North Carolina - aft May 1910). Married Hugh M. CRUMP (1849- >1902) on 12 Jan 1869 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina.
    ix. Mahala. Born abt 1855 in North Carolina. Died after 1870.(2)
    x. Zilpha. Born abt 1855 in North Carolina, died after 1880.(3)
    xi. Azer. Born abt 1856 in North Carolina. Died after 1860. Married Francis (__) by 1877. She was born abt 1859 in North Carolina, died aft 1880. They lived next to his parents in Sandy Ridge Twp., Union., North Carolina in 1880, and in Monroe, Union Co. in 1880. Azer and Francis had at least one child, Laura L.(3,4)
    xii. Delphia/Delpha. Born abt 1858 in North Carolina, died aft 1880.(3,4)
    xiii. Tillman. Born abt 1858 in North Carolina. Died after 1860.(2)
    xiv. Martha. Born abt 1860 in North Carolina, died after 1870.(3)
    xv. Francis. Born abt 1863 in North Carolina, died after 1880.(3,4)

Misc. Notes:
    In searching for the parents of Eunice/Vicey Crump, my first clue was a listing for her marriage, which states she was a dau. of an "R. Helms", and was married at the house of a "Hosiah Helms" in Mecklenburg Co., N.C.(5) Unable to locate an R. Helms in census or other listings, either male or female, who had a dau. named Eunice, Vicey, Nicy or any other the other variants I had run across for her, I cast my net wider. Doing so revealed a Eunice Helms, wife of a Uriah. This Eunice is also called Unity, Una and Unice in various listings. The 1860 census for the couple, at which time Uriah is called "Riah," revealed a dau. named "Unicy." So a possible link was made. Locating the family on other records led to more clues. Uriah and Eunice also had a son named Hosea, who was living in Clear Creek, Mecklenburg Co. by 1870, one year after the marriage of Hugh Crump and Eunice in that same county in 1869. Thus, the "Hosiah". Looking through other marriage listings, we also note a J.T. Helms who married a T. Crump at the home of a Hosea in 1869. He is listed at his marriage as son of "E.R. & U. Helms," and would seem to correspond with their son, James T. (called J.T. in 1850). A final piece of evidence which strongly makes the case for placing Eunice Helms, wife of Hugh Crump, as the daughter of Uriah and Eunice is that the two families lived next to one another when the 1870 census was taken.
    The only hole I see in currently making this connection based on the marriages having taken place at the home of a Hosiah/ Hosea Helms is one more marriage record, which reads, "419. Lic: 27 Oct 1868, Ervin FINNEY, son of Alex & Mary Finney, to Naomey(sic) CRUMP, daug of William & R. Helms, m. 29 Oct 1868 at Hosiah Helms by W. G. Houston, JP." I have yet been unable to find the connection between this Willam and Hosea, and though I have noticed Williams who are likely to be this same person on census records, I have yet to find a dau. of his that would match with our Eunice/Vicey.

    Re. Children listed: It is likely that there is some confusion and overlapping of the children shown above. For example, it might be that the dau. Mahala, age 5 at the 1860 census, but not mentioned again, is the same as the Zilpha, age 15 at the 1870 census, but not mentioned in 1860. The enumerator of the 1860 census listing for the family may not have been honest or accurate with ages of children, perhaps filling in blanks with estimations. This would account for the different ages given children with the same name, and perhaps indicate overlapping of others.