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    I'm very slow at responding to e-mails. This isn't out of spite or laziness (well, mostly), but due to the fact that, through a plethora of e-mail addresses and projects, I get far too many e-mails a day at times, and often have a backlog.

    If necessary, I will try and respond to you in as timely a manner as possible. But if this doesn't happen, please don't take it personally.

    NOTE: Due to the recurrence of spambots and even a malicious person using the form to flood me (and others) with junk, I have had to add a "Security" check to this form. To be abe to process this form, you'll have to enter the word in red, including capitals, into the special field below. Sorry about the inconvenience. Hopefully this solution will work.
    If it bothers you, contact your congressperson or representative and make them do something useful for once. Or, better yet, flood them with spam and see how they like it.

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