Reports & Data

    Here you'll find reports on various individuals or families which have sprung out of my research. Most of these will be written by me, though contributions are also present. Most will fit into my lines somehow, though others may be on people I've just taken an interest in for some reason or another. I've also included a link to my raw database on Rootsweb.

  Gedcom-Based Research Database
    Due to the fact that I haven't yet found a software program that really satisfies me when it comes to translating my database into HTML format, and the enormous size of the output I do get, I've decided to leave a copy of my research at Rootsweb for now.
    Before you go there, however, please take note of this warning. This database is a raw export from my own research, and so contains quite a bit of loose and undocumented information that I am temporarily using for research notes and possible clues. It also has many notes of my own that may or may not make sense to anyone else. It is mostly void of the logic and theory that comes in taking all of these small pieces and putting them together into something cohesive.
    As in all such research, please don't take what I've entered as law or fact. I often find things which completely change or negate my earlier work, and the data you see is most likely not the most recent version. As I am human, there are likely to be typos and errors in my transcriptions (no matter how much time and effort I put into trying to avoid them). Many of my notes are mysteriously missing, as well.
    I don't like to think that I might be responsible for spreading misinformation because someone takes my notes out of context or states them as fact, but I also know what an immense aid it can be to peek into someone else's research for clues. These have often led me to incredible finds.
    So, with all that said (and hopefully read), if you want to go to my database, you can find it at Rootsweb WorldConnect Project: Bent Links.