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    Below you'll find links and information for a few sites and repositories that have helped me in my own research, or that I have found especially intriguing. I won't provide every link I come across, but would like to spread the joys of a few.
    As time permits, I'll add more, and try to keep those extant current. Please don't send me links to trade or expecting me to add them here, as I just don't have the time. If, however, you run or know of a site or service that might be of interest to me, please do share. Thanks!
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  Societies, Libraries & Publications
   Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG)
    An internationally recognized independent organization which works to set guidelines and standards for genealogical research, as well as acting as a certifying body for professional genealogists. Creators of the BCG Genealogical Standards Manual, a guide for research. Their web site also lists resources for genealogical standards and education.
    Their manual, the BCG Genealogical Standards Manual, is available for sale at Barnes & Noble.

   National Genealogical Society (NGS)
    Aside from their NGS NewsMagazine, they provide on-line and written training courses pertaining to research in general and the United States in particular..

   New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)
    Highly Recommended!!
    Membership in this group, one of the oldest such societies in the United States, has been invaluable for me. Along with their highly respected journal, the Register (from which the register-style report gained its name), they provide a vast number of resources in their Boston facility. A circulating library allows members anywhere to gain access to sources not just from New England, but relating to the entire world.
    Aside from these things, their web site also provides access to searchable databases of the entire 150-year span of the Register, the Great Migration series, as well as many, many other transcribed sources (an amazing number of them, really, and constantly expanding).

   Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS)
    Have ancestors that migrated into or through Ohio? The OGS is a nice resource for links and access to data on the state and surrounding regions. Some databases available to members on their web site, but stop by their links page for access to more.

   The American Genealogist (TAG)
    Founded in 1922 by Donald Lines Jacobus, "the father of scientific genealogy in this country ," TAG is an indispensable publication. Their web site is pretty lacklustre, but provides means for subscribing to the publication and obtaining back issues.

  Local/ Regional Sources & History
   Long Island: Our Story
   Presented by New York's Newsday, this site contains a plethora of information and history on the towns of Long Island and their history.

   Richland Co. Ohio USGenWeb Site
   The best laid out and most comprehensive county website I've run across in the USGenWeb project. Loads of invaluable information, including a myriad of record types.

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  Personal & Family Sites
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