Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Colorado

    Obviously, I haven't yet found much on the early MORELAND family. Any help in locating more on the parents of Joseph William would be most appreciated.
    H. Wayne Brady, another Moreland descendant, has been extremely generous with his knowledge and photos of the family of Joseph William, and much of the information for them is thanks to him.

First Generation

1. J.H. MORELAND.(1) Born in Ohio.(1,2,3,4)

Had at least one child (likely more):
2   i. Joseph William. (1866-1921).

Misc. Notes for Generation 1:
    Another researcher once wrote to me stating that J.H. Moreland was actually James Hall Moreland, son of Isaac Moreland of Hagerstown, Maryland. I have as yet been unable to verify this, however.
    The Morelands appear to have had a strong presence in Findlay Twp., Hancock County, Ohio. Whether this is connected to the line has not yet been verified. See
Second Generation
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2. Joseph William MORELAND.(J.H.1)(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) Born on 21 Oct 1866 in Indiana.(1,2,3,4,5) Abt 1890 Joseph William married Lorinda Magdalena MILLER,(1,2,3,4) daughter of Reuben B. Miller & Jane A. "Jennie" Gowdy. Lorinda was born 3 Aug 1866 in Iowa.(2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,15) By June 1900, the family resided on a mortgaged farm in Peyton, El Paso Co., Colorado, where Joseph worked as a farmer.(2) The family continued to live on this mortgaged farm, with Joseph working as a farmer, through 1910 and 1920.(3,4) Both Joseph and Lorinda could read and write.(2,3,4) Joseph William died of Sarcoma near Calhan, El Paso Co., Colorado on 16 July 1921, and was buried in the Calhan Memorial Cemetery.(1,5) Lorinda moved to Eastonville, El Paso Co., Colorado by the time of the Apr 1930 census, where she was paying $7 rent per month. On the 23rd of that month, Lorinda Magdalena died of Bronchopneumonia, which she had for six days prior, at Bethel Hospital in Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado. She was buried in the Calhan Memorial Cemetery on the 26th of April.(10,11)

They had the following children:
3   i. Elsie Irena. (22 Aug 1891, Horace, Greeley Co., Kansas - 3 Jul 19791, Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado). Married Frank Hiram DERBY (1883-1966) abt 1914.
    ii. Tressa Izora. Born Aug 1893 in Kansas. Tressa married John OWEN, who was born in 1892 and died in 1967. Tressa died in 1964, and is buried with her husband in the Calhan Memorial Cemetery.(2,3,5,12)
    iii. Martha Jane "Jennie". Born Feb 1895 in Kansas. On 14 Feb 1917, Jennie married Willis GREEN, son of Cyrus Franklin and Nancy Ann (Green) Green. Willis was born 26 Oct 1891 and died in 1970. Jennie died 16 Aug 1984 in Colorado Springs. The couple had five sons and one daughter.(2,3,12)
    iv. Walter Leslie. Born 6 Feb 1896 in Colorado. He attended school in 1910, and could read and write. It is likely that he is the Walter L. Moreland of Peyton, Colorado who served in World War I as a Private. In 1920, he was working as a farm laborer. Walter L. died in Mar 1962(2,3,4,12,13,14)
    v. James Ira. Born 9 May 1897 in Colorado. Resided in Jefferson, Park Co., Colorado, and died Jul 1984. James married Maude JESSE.(2,3,12,13)
    vi. Kenneth Wilford. Born 28 Apr 1899 in Colorado. In 1920, he worked as a farm laborer. Resided in Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado. Died Feb 1975.(2,3,4,12,13)
    vii. [Unknown]. Born bet. 1890-1900. Died bef Jun 1900. See notes below.(2,3)
    viii. Joseph Wayne. Born 18 July 1905. He went by the name Wayne. In 1930, he worked as a laborer doing odd jobs in Peyton, Colorado. Wayne died Sep 1981 in Colorado.(3,4,10,12)
    ix. Jewell Hayes. Born 18 Jul 1907 in Colorado. In 1930, he worked as a laborer in a saw mill. Resided in Del Norte, Rio Grande Co., Colorado. He married Mary (__), and had at least two children. Jewell died 31 Dec 1977 in Colorado. (3,4,10,12,13)
    x. [Unknown]. Born aft Jun 1900. Died bef May 1910. See notes below.(3)

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All photos provided by H. Wayne Brady

Moreland Moreland Moreland
Joseph William & Lorinda Magdalena (Miller) Moreland
Headstones in Calhan Memorial Cemetery, Calhan, El Paso Co., Colorado

Moreland Family in Eastonville, Colorado
Back row L-R: Willis Green holding Clyde Green, James Ira Moreland, Tressa Izora (Moreland) Owen, John Owen, Walter Leslie Moreland, Kenneth Wilford Moreland, Frank Hiram Derby.
Middle row L-R: Martha Jane (Moreland) Green, Jewell Hayes Moreland, Joseph "Wayne" Moreland, Elsie Irena (Moreland) Derby.
Next to Bottom L-R: John Owen Jr., Joseph William Moreland holding Edna Jane Green, Inez Derby, Lorinda Magdalena (Miller) Moreland holding Mabel Owen.
Front Row L-R: Willis "Ira" Green, Eleanor Jennie Owen

Moreland Moreland
Moreland Family
L-R: Elsie Irena, Jewell Hayes, Tressa Izora, Joesph Wayne, Kenneth Wilford, Martha Jane "Jennie", a brother of Lorinda (Miller) Moreland wearing glasses, James Ira, Walter Leslie, a brother of Lorinda (Miller) Moreland wearing hat.
Children of Joseph & Lorinda, 4 July 1977
at the home of Jewell in Del Norte, Colorado.
L-R: Martha Jane "Jennie" (age 82), James Ira (age 80), Jewell Hayes (age 70), Joseph Wayne (age 72),
Elsie Irena (age 86)
Misc. Notes for Generation 2:
    The two unnamed children of Joseph and Lorinda are known only by census listings. At the 1900 census it is noted that Lorinda had given birth to 7 children, 6 of whom were living. At the 1910 census, it is noted that Lorinda had two children that had died. So the first child would have been born and died sometime between its parents marriage abt 1890 and before the 1900 census, and the second between that census and the one in 1910.(15)

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