The PRUDDEN Family

England, Connecticut

    A short line, and one I haven't yet had the chance to delve thoroughly into, the PRUDDEN family hailed from England. Some sources indicate that James was the brother of the Rev. Peter Prudden (including the Milford Vital Records), a well-known figure in early Milford, Conn., but some also state that his parentage hasn't been documented. Perhaps someone has completed such documentation, and I simply haven't yet come across it. It seems likely that Peter and James were somehow related, as by their migration from England, through Boston and into New Haven Milford together.


First Generation

1. James PRUDDEN(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) was born say abt 1585 [based on the date of his marriage]. On 7 April 1608 he married Sybil MITCHELL,(1) in Kings Walden, Hertfordshire, England.(1) She or another wife (possibly 'Eliz.'), may have been the wife of a James Prudden buried at Kings Walden on 27 May 1816.(1) James emigrated from England to Boston in 1637 with a group headed by Rev. Peter Prudden,(2) and in 1638 moved with the same group to New Haven, New Haven Co., Conn.(2,3) He was in Milford, New Haven Co., Conn. by 13 Oct 1639, when he was admitted to the church,(1) being was among a list of the forty-four original free planters on 11 Nov of that same year.(2,3) and had lot #8, consisting of two acres of land "on the west side of the river."(4) He was granted 8 acres in each of the two 1640 New Haven divisons of land.(3) James died in Milford in Aug 1648.(1,2,3,5,6) It is noted that a "stone on the Memorial Bridge" at Milford has some connection to him.(8)

James had the following children (mother and order not determined, more children possible):
2   i. Ann. (bapt. 8 Feb 1618 in Kings Walden, Hertfordshire, England - 3 Oct 1689 in Milford, New Haven Co., Conn.). Married Samuel COLEY (say 1615-1684) on 14 Feb 1640.(1,2,3,4,5,6)
    ii. Elizabeth. Bapt. 1643 in Milford by Rev. Peter Prudden. Married first William SLOUGH or STOUGH of Milford and New Haven, New Haven Co., Conn. in 1643 or 1648. Elizabeth was admitted to the church in Milford on 8 Sep 1644. They had two children, Hesadiah (20 Nov 1648-??), and James (28 Jan 1649/50 - 10 Feb 1649/50). William was excommunicated and executed at New Haven for "horrible depravity." Elizabeth second married Roger PRITCHARD on 18 Dec 1653 in Milford. He died 26 Jan 1671 in New Haven.(1,2,3,4,5,6)

St. Mary's Church, Kings Walden, Hertford, England
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