The HOWARD Family

Pennsylvania > Ohio

Howard Tree

    The Howard Family is another elusive one, falling in that "dark" period of the early expansionist 1800s (a place I often seem to get stuck). I have found Henry Howards that may be the likely candidate for the man below, but as yet have been unable to prove or disprove any connection to him.

First Generation

1. Henry HOWARD,(1,2,3) possibly lived in Somerset Co., Pennsylvania for a time, as a daughter was born there in April 1818.(4)

Henry had at least one child: [more probable]
2   i. Rebecca. (12 Apr 1818, Somerset Co., Penn. - 21 Sep 1876, Jefferrson Twp., Richland Co., Ohio). Married Reuben EVARTS (1809-1888) on 5 Apr 1840 in Bellville, Richland Co., Ohio. Rebecca died of Typhoid fever.(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

Misc. Notes:
    One possibility for a match on Henry is found in the 1810 Federal Census Index as living in Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., Penn. His household is listed as containing 1 free white male under the age of ten; one free white male from the age of 10-16; one free white male of twenty-six, and under forty-five, including heads of families (most likely Henry himself); and one free white female of twenty-six, and under forty-five, including heads of families. This index listing was found at
    This may or may not be this same Henry Howard, but might be a useful reference point..