The EVARTS family

Alt. Spellings: Everts, Evarts, Evert, Euatts
England(?) > Mass. > Conn. > Vermont > Canada >
Ohio > Kansas > Colorado > Oregon

    As far as I've been able to discover to this point, the first EVARTS in the American colonies was a John Evarts, likely from England, who was made a freeman in Concord, Mass. in March of 1638. There have been a small handful of Evarts families in the U.S. since that time who are not related, but the majority descend from this man.
    There are those who insist the name should be spelled EVERTS, as that is how they spell their own name. The majority of the records I've seen, however, give a spelling of Evarts. Since that's how my own name is spelled, as with the generations before me, I will standardize it with that spelling unless I know for certain that a person indeed signed it differently in their own time.
    As this is my own surname, there are obviously too many families to enter on one page. As I add subpages for each person or group, I will link them in red to the chart below.