Hello, and thanks for stopping by my genealogy site.
    As always, and as should be expected, this site is a work in progress. Things are being added, updated and enhanced on an ongoing basis (as I have time). I try to add new material whenever possible, but please remember that I am only one person, and putting together serious reports takes time. I refuse to just slap up copies of other peoples' work, or copy anything I find out there without thorough research and sources.

    On a personal note re: some of the things I've put up here (and the reaction of some people to the information). Nothing I put here is intended to be an "Attack" on our ancestors, and I try to avoid being judgemental about the lives of people long dead. These lives fascinate me, and I attempt to report facts about people, not speculation. Any such guesses or speculation are clearly marked, and are my own thoughts based on actual documentation or items I've come across. In other words, if you think the fact that I report (from my own personal experience even) that someone was known to keep grape juice under their bed in an attempt to ferment it means I'm calling that person an alcoholic or denigrating them, then it's something you need to deal with. Don't yell at me about it, as the only one making judgements on that person's reason for doing such a thing is you. I personally think such things make a person, whether they lived 10 years ago or a thousand, more real, and more fascinating and alive.

    Please Remember, as with all genealogical research, especially on the web, to be wary of the things you read. Though I'm constantly updating my data, and am pretty hardcore about having sources for things, I am only human, and do make mistakes. Or perhaps I haven't yet found that certain piece that ties things together and verifies them. So tread with care, and take nothing for granted.
    - Your host, Danny Evarts

    Recent Updates:
    June 2006: Moved the site from its old directory to its new subdomain of genes.dannyevarts.net, and added a redirect to transfer users.
    May 2006: Due to spammers and jerks, have had to add a Security Check to the Contact form.
    Apr. 2006: Moved to a new server, began updating Lines page. Added PHELPS page. Reinstated Contact form.